Program Objective


StartSmart Entrepreneurship Program is a 16 weeks
journey with mentoring to enable entrepreneurs test their
business while working. Participants create a viable business
model, a financial plan and prepare a
pitch document.

For Whom


StartSmart is for entrepreneurs motivated to
build a business. Participants are entrepreneurs - with an idea,
creating their first start-up, or having a
startup ready to scale.

StartSmart Uniqueness

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Test practicality and
feasibility of an idea

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Customer traction
before pitching

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Importance of establishing
business metrics

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Test business at low
cost while working

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Peer group


200 curated
videos of experts

3 hours
sessions every week

Iterations to
craft business model


StartSmart Modules

Module 1

Problem-solution fit

1. Your Idea

2. Problem

3. Buyer Type and Personas

4. Discovering your Customer - how you will

5. your product will fit into their lives

6. Value proposition

7. Segmenting of the market

8. Market Sizing

Module 2

Product-market fit

1. Business Model Canvas

2. Positioning Statement - chart your
competitive position

3. Competitive Landscape

4. Define product

5. MVP - how do you develop
a visual description of it

6. Quantify value proposition

Module 3

Business model metrics

1. Value Chain

2. Technology / Product Adoption Life Cycle

3. Understand and Navigate the Decision-Making Process

4. Map a Sales Process

5. Go-to-Market

6. Measure the Cost of Customer Acquisition

7. Develop a Pricing Framework

8. Estimate the Lifetime Value of Your Customer

Module 4

Business metrics

1. Business Model Canvas

2. 6-Month Plan

3. 5-Min Pitch


The StartSmart Program will have contact sessions on every Saturday at the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates.

The contact sessions will be of 3 hours duration starting at 2:00pm in the afternoon.

The program requires participants to allocate at least 7 to 8 hours every week doing field exercises.

Schedule a Call With Program Designer
and Faculty Dr. Manoj Nakra



Define problem
being solved



Define value
proposition and message

Size the

Test product
with customers


business model

Acquire initial
traction with customers

validated pitch

Program Designer and Faculty

Manoj has over forty years of work experience and has led organizations for the last twenty years. He has started businesses, helped entrepreneurs start, and is currently starting businesses*. He brings a unique perspective to the program been anentrepreneur, CEO and a academic. He was until recently Chief Strategy Officer for Apparel, a retail company in Dubai (2013-2018). He was Executive Director of Dubai SME, a Government organization that catalyzes entrepreneurship through incubation, funding and growth support (2005-2013). He became CEO of The Waterbase Ltd. in 1990, a company he listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. Manoj is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Delhi, an MBA from IIM, Bangalore, anda Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Manoj is the author of a book on entrepreneurship –
A 1000 Days Adventure. Entrepreneurship is not only about ‘what’ successful entrepreneurs’ do, ‘who’ they are or ‘whom’ they know, but more importantly about ‘how’ they do it. The entrepreneurial process revealed in the book expands the potential of entrepreneurship.Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur.

Program Fee

Course fee is AED 14,500 (inclusiveof VAT). Installment payment option is available. Upfront payment AED 3,500 followed by 4 installments of AED 2,875 for 4 month Cost includes material, classrooms(classes are held at Sheraton Mall of the Emirates), and food and hospitality for the entire program.

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Award of Certificate

Starting a business is the
graduation of the program. A certificate of completion will be
awarded by SmartGlobal.